Formidable Engineering Consultants provides a wide array of technology services including:
  • Application Software Design & Development
    Whether it’s embedded, desktop or enterprise – we can help you get your application designed and deployed
  • Hardware System Test Design & Development
    We can help you with development of Design for Test and Design for Manufacturing strategies early on in the design cycle
  • Programmable Systems Design & Development (FPGAs, CPLDs)
    FPGAs and FPGA-based systems provide unique time-to-market advantages and specialized functionality including the ability to update hardware functionality in the field.  We know how to do this and can show you the way.
  • Boundary-Scan Test and In System Configuration Consulting
    Leveraging industry standards like IEEE Std 1532 and the family of IEEE Std 1149.x standards can save you time and money.  Our 15 years of involvement in these standards gives us unique knowledge that can be put to use for you.
  • Technology Analysis, Training & Consultation
    Understanding what you need, why you need it and how you can use it is often a challenge.  Whether it is computing or network hardware the variety can be confusing.  Not to us, though!
  • Documentation Design & Development
    Patent Analysis, Applications Notes, Technical Articles, User Guides can all be overwhelming but our experience with synthesizing complex ideas and usage scenarios into simple steps can benefit your end-users’ understanding as well.
  • Standards Development
    The process of developing an industry standard and navigating the pathways to adoption can be complex but having experienced the process many times, our team can act as your guide.